Another day, another Humble Bundle. They say 37 percent of Steam games have never been played. I will gladly confess this applies to me too but mostly because I already have a copy of the game on several consoles and couldn't pass up another copy at such "exorbitant" prices. 

But enough is enough, I've recently unsubscribed to all of these bundle programs for fear of increasing my dust collection but also because I'm getting at least one email a day about these limited edition deals. Besides, unlike me, the other half is still subscribed and will always inform me of them when they go live.

Anyway, I was looking up a fellow games developer to see if they had released anything recently and came across a blog post several years old about their game being sold in the Humble Bundle. At the time, I was not at all aware of the age of the post so clicked further to investigate.

Strange, I thought, that there were a couple of the games that were mentioned in the blog post (via the Humble Widget) present on the Humble Bundle page but not all of the games and definitely not any of the previous developer I was looking into.

It was at this moment that I realised the date of the post and then it struck me - How frequent do the same games get posted on the Bundle Store? A quick search of a few hours revealed no answer but quite a few data visualisations of mostly monetary resolutions.

"I suppose I could create a simple spreadsheet."

And thanks to this Wikipedia entry, I did. Behold.

There are a few tabs there.

1. Pivot Games - Frequency of games bundled.
2. Pivot Devs - Frequency of Game Developers appearing in bundles.
3. Original - Original file sans the "Descriptions" row.
4. Clean - Only the games and the developers of them.

*Data is populated as of 30 April 2014.

Obviously, you can come up with your own conclusions. Interesting? Yeaaap.