Hello Anon, Login?
Apart from everything else, we've also created our own login system. http://dum-id.appspot.com/ allows you to log in using applications you're currently using so you don't have to sign up specifically to authenticate who you are online. Should really do some documentation on this one day but that's taking a back seat at the moment, seeing as how other things are higher on the priority list.

At the moment, we have our main site http://wetgenes.com along with gmail and twitter. http://hoe-house.appspot.com is a good example of this working. Users can log into the game using any of those log ins and it'll treat them accordingly. What I mean by that is, we have wetgenes specific behaviours associated to users who logged in via wetgenes where they get in-game achievements whilst users logged in via gmail or twitter can still play the game along side our game community.

Twitter needed an app created for the log in to work. We should really make a generic wet app so future implementations are easier. At the moment, you could just set up a list of admins using twitter as their preferred logging choice. And since no one logs out of their twitter anyway, it's just a simple matter of allowing permissions. Well, simple enough but you'll have to keep allowing the application each time you log in. That's just how twitter works.

By the way, if you noticed, I'm logged in via my twitter account to make this post and not via my usual notshi gmail account :}