Hello Anon, Login?
Earlier, I bootstrapped http://gen-information.appspot.com/ for my nephew's new band. Things were easy enough to set up except for google's bureaucracy. Just to get this domain pointing to this appspot address, we had to perform numerous acrobatic routines. I'm guessing it's due to their main userbase being corporate people hence why it is so unfriendly and intuitive. Still, we got there in the end after applying for an appengine account specifically for http://www.esyou.com which means I had to dual log into google and made sure I wasn't logging into the gmail account of my esyou.com domain because well, there isn't a gmail account associated to that.

It was all just very, very messy.

Still, it was a learning experience. I find it is always adviceable to be a hardcore user of your own products. It's the only way you can improve them ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eating_your_own_dog_food) .

And hey, more people using the product is always good. Even at beta/4lfa stages :}

Speaking of which, i should really make that kickstarter page we were threatening to make. It's just horrible, horrible marketing which, I'm afraid, I'm neither good at nor interested in attempting to even try.