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Ideas are a dime a dozen. It's the actual implementation that means anything and it's usually the only hurdle for anything to be realised and be of value.

Lately, concepts have been cropping up left, right and center (usually in the middle of the night). Sometimes, they are written[1] somewhere[2] and sometimes, they are lost forever in dreams. But now, it's just a matter of deciding an appspot name and creating it.

We were discussing earlier about the surreality of the situation. How it all started with an idea - satirical in nature, obviously - which evolved into a really useful tool that i'm using daily.

The current status of the beast is stable. Some boot polish and a good rubbing should make her more approachable. At the moment, there needs to be some basic mod combinations to go with the type of user and probably some tightening of graphics on level [3].

[1] - http://help.wetgenes.com/-/Main/GameIdeas/
[2] - http://4lfa.com/wiki/-/Main/Wins/
[3] - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU4WtOeQyn4