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Pretty much what the headlines say.

The coding half of the team have been keyboard clacking and eyeballing the neon screen tirelessly to bring you the future of online gaming via Google's Native Client.

Hopefully this does not go the way of App Engine which ended up being a horrible clusterfuck.

The games will be running in the browser as it would on your desktop, but in the browser. No, it is not at all like flash. It's better; much, much better.

How is it better?

Games will be running at your processor speed; it would be like running the game on your desktop, which means games can be as good as the ones that can run on your desktop.

So far, the games we have made are using 0.0000000000001% of the power available.

We only have 4 test games for now (one of which is Aroids from the previous post) but we will be adding more in time, when they are made (GameCake Jams!). This is just a test run which will hopefully garner some feedback from the users. Without further ado, http://play.4lfa.com/gamecake.