We've got a new release!

Watch the video above for more details and if you are lucky, there may even be a few dimeloads available at

So grab one and get your swank on :}

If you've been following our developments, there might be more changes in this latest release than what is listed below as there has been quite a gap since our last update earlier this year!

New release includes:
- Attribute clash mode for Commodore 64 and Spectrum
- Scanlines
- Menus as shortcuts
- Animation frames and animated gif support
- Added Swanky16 and Swanky32 palette
- Hack mode (secret)
- Quick Save button

If you've managed a copy to play with and found any bugs, send us your reports. We appreciate it!

Swanky Paint is on Greenlight! Do vote if you like what we're doing :}

Also, if you're running the Chrome browser, you can try out Swanky Paint and play along with us at our new pixel art community, Swanky Art.