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Current team members for #leedshack 2013:

Kriss Blank @wetgenes
Martyn Ranyard @iMartyn
Paul Brook @pbrook80
shi Blank @shi

What we've made: Reverse Knightmare with Google Streetmap on the Oculus Rift where the (victim) participant is transported to strange parts of the world by the whims of a Puppet Master (Dungeon Master/Friend).

Remember Knightmare? Unlike the rest of my team mates, I certainly didn't! So here's a video of a gameplay that is relevant to the current audience.

Isn't that awesomely retro? So here we have made this hack unlike any other.

With Martyn doing a fantastic job with the interface api, dealing with all the important back end bits - server wise and generously hosting it on his own server so you too can have a go at it if you have an oculus rift!

Paul gave us a seamless interface experience by creating the master controller which controls the position of the viewer by moving them in Google maps (in real time) which is also displayed here.

Kriss hacked together the viewer making it controllable by the server and shi made it all pretty, hopefully.

And there you have it - the Oculus Nightmare! which you can pretty much play if you have an oculus rift lying around somewhere:

If you want the full 360 degrees head rotation experience, download the server and run the executable (it should open a console) either in Windows or a virtual box installation of Windows, which is what we used so we could stay in Linux :} - A blog post for the Linux setup should be up rsn.

Instructions for: The Puppet

1. Connect your rift to the puter.

2. Download the server & run it - RiftServer_0_3.zip

3. When you have the server running, go to the Viewer site and tap the spacebar twice to bring up the options dialog.

4. Go to "Settings" and tick the box that enables External tracker.

5. Put on your rift and be transported to Leeds City Center. Look around and bask in the splendour.

If you don't care for the full experience, just go to the Viewer without setting up the server.

Instructions for: The Puppet Master

1. Load up the controller Interface.

2. Click on the logo for a new game.

3. Stand back and watch the puppet be amazed that they have been transported to another part of the galaxy (earth).

4. Click on the Forward button to make them move forward in virtual reality. Keep in mind that the direction they face will be the direction they move towards.

5. Click logo for a new location. Ad nauseum. (We do have a limited number of locations stored but the forward button is where the magick happens, obviously!)

One final reminder - virtually ANYONE can remotely move you if you are the Puppet. ANYONE in the world, accessing the website, on their thingies. Thingies like tablets, smartphones, computer - any device that can access the Interface.

Happy hackers bid you the end!

ps: any bugs, nauseau or mild stomach upsets experienced are unintentional.

You can find the source hosted on Github here - https://github.com/iMartyn/oculus_nightmare.