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Today was all about the powerups - 3, infact. Technically it's just two different formations since one is similar to the normal shots except twice as frequent.

It was pretty easy to create fancy bullet formations so I'm pretty stoked about wanting to do more of these just because they create such interesting patterns on the screen. In fact, I might even change the entire game so it's all about the interesting patterns. Maybe.

You can view my latest commit here - https://bitbucket.org/xixs/gamecakejam/commits/7fcaf9ccc174763a8e8a8b0d841c8918c665c10b

Unless I have forgotten what I did, new changes are as follows:

  • Added 3 powerups - slipshot, singleshot and sureshot.
  • Slipshot: Diagonal shots, Singleshot: Twice the frequency of normal shots, Sureshot: Awesome shotgun-like effect.
  • Each powerup has different formations.
  • Added a horrible title screen and a new ogg to play when powerups are collected.
  • Extra scores for each powerup consumed.
  • Halved the frequency of default bullet shots.

I may or may not add a lot more poweups and enemies just for the hell of it and see what happens. Hopefully not too many things at once on the screen as I find that the difficulty level of the game is increasing with each new inclusion! My mind can't seem to keep up with the juggling duties of dodging and collecting.