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The recent implementation finds me actively using this thing we have created and thus far, things are looking good. Simple and flexible. Very simple and flexible actually. And from using it, I've been able to find things to tweak; useful for bug testing and tightening usability.

At the same, I'm writing initial documentation for the wiki/help. This will benefit us both in the end, apart from the users that will be using BootStrApp. It's a novel idea; applying programming concepts on a user level. You might even say an attempt at encouraging lateral thinking. Hey, it might catch on.

Next step is probably UI design. If I'm to make this friendly enough, it'll have to be really, really simple to look at and easy to pick up and play with. That's probably the biggest hurdle; making it idiotproof yet not too easy. I do want the users to experiment and push the application, not just layout wise but actual data manipulation.