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Recent projects have made it almost compulsory that I flex my illustrative skills to the max. So attempts at drawing with a pencil as
opposed to my usual pen-it-straight-to-medium technique, a technique I'm very fond of due to its fire&forget nature. Using a pencil forces me to be far too diligent in my strokes which is very alien to me, not to mention that I also found the whole drawing with a pencil very strange in general; the last time I did this was decades ago. Still, it's like riding a bicycle I suppose.

This was done in about half hour or so with a lot of erasing and going over. So happens, I had an old sketchbook (about 6-7 years old) lying around at the very bottom of my bookshelf and the other half found my old trusty pencil case which had one pencil equipped with an eraser on its butt; very useful.

Click to embiggen.

This is dude. Dude has shading and stuff. I am pretty neutral leaning to the not-happy side about how this turned out.

A recent procurement of a very helpful drawing book from Nick definitely helped put things into perspective, especially the shading bit. I've always been thoroughly rubbish at shading. Thoroughly. Can you tell that I'm struggling with this post? No? Oh, good.

Also, before I forget, the updated illustration from that Cage Rage post.

This has been lurking in the back burner for some time, reason being a priorities shuffle. There's a new game engine in the works and a new mode of game distribution that I'm really excited about which we will reveal when we are ready. Oh, I'm also updating this blog post from the future if you can't tell.

You can read more about that new game engine and/or subscribe to her updates on http://wet.appspot.com/.