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A short break from designing Super Shadow and attempts to blog about it has me occupied developing the UI for the open source software we've also been working on whilst doing other projects.

How long does it take to create a website from scratch? Apparently, a couple of days if you include logos and illustrations.

http://boot-str.appspot.com/ is simple integration of a wikiblog hosted on google's infrastructure. It is Open Source and hosted free on google's appengine. Unlike blogger or wordpress, you get your own huge ass super server without needing a sysadmin to manage it. Scalability isn't an issue because google has many servers to replace one if a current one is unable to handle the load.

There are some very smart engineering involved in BootStrApp which you can experience for yourself when you install it. Not tooting my own horn since I had very little to do with the basic infrastructure design choices. You could say it has been more of a feature-want, feature-discussed method that we worked with when building this.

More documentation obviously needs to be done but the basics are all in there; install it on your appengine application and it will run. Any help needed will hopefully be done via the commenting system at the end of each page which will then be documented on some FAQ page if needed.