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Do you know the Million dollar page?

Oh good, cause that's pretty much it.
Except it uses Place Kitty and Braintree API & it's for a good cause :}
( there's also a really obvious easter egg in there that you can access with a few masterly strokes of the keyboard )

Oh yeah and there's also this *little* hack to be displayed on the LED Cube.

Current team members:
Kriss Blank @wetgenes
Martyn Ranyard @iMartyn
Paul Brook @pbrook80
shi Blank @shi

More/less info about the team lives on the official page - http://live.hackinabox.org/teams/twobytwo

Github pages:
1. MillionKittyAPI
2. LED cube demo application

The hack is finished!

1. Swanky Cube

2. The Million Kitty Page

A tribute to the Million Dollar Page, this hack uses the Place Kitty and Paypal/Braintree API to create a website filled with various sizes of greyed out Kitty images that you can purchase with Paypal to link to your website.

You are also allowed a paragraph of text. Any images purchased will become the colour version of varying saturation, depending on the price. Any image link can be outbidded by anyone. Money raised will also be donated for a good cause to rehome real kitties.

*There is an easter egg if you type in the right code!*

Visit the live site - Rehome a kitty!