Hello Anon, Login?
update: everything below is probably old and i've done more things but have yet to list them. if you really need up-to-date stuff, i may post things on twitter/g+ and projects are updated on wetgenes.com
who: god of http://wetgenes.com/ - a growing gaming community based on our 30 or so independently developed games and webstuffs (software but we're aiming to move into hardware rsn). there's just the two of us making everything you see on all the sites (loads). i'm the artistic half but i'm also responsible for game design, sound bytes, all bits of web dev and community management. accidental comic colourist, amateur web comicker and overall creator of weird shit. when i do blog, i mostly write about games and her industry; both of which i'm far too passionate about. i have a large stream of interest of which is impossible to list without sounding like a complete twat so i'll leave it as this for now.

i'm currently trying to learn lua. i invite you watch and point at my attempts.

if you're here for my cello stuff, go here.

otherwise, buy my comic. no? you need an incentive to? fine, read the review then.

still no? well, lucky you. there's now a webcomic of it that you can read for free!

or go make games with our opensource game engine.

or go make websites with our opensource wikiblogging platform.

or make some yummy pixel art with our pixel editor. i made this gorgeous background tile with it :}

or spew vitriol at me below. c'mon, i dare ya.