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I've added a juggling feature where you can now make the powerups stay on the screen by shooting at them.

I really like the idea of having options when it comes to upgrades. Where previously, my shots get upgraded each time I consume a powerup, this new juggling mechanic allows me the option to trigger the powerups only when I want to. Of course, there are certain skills involved and you also compromise vulnerability in exchange for this option.

Thing is, this changed the entire game of dodge and shoot to "dodge, shoot, juggle, strategy" all rolled into a large and, mostly, confusing whole.

What's more, I've also doubled the powerup as a shield; or an extra life if you prefer. Now you have an option of prolonging your turn by keeping powerups on the screen for as long as you can whilst dodging and shooting. The game gets more interesting as you face situations where you could keep one more powerup on the screen and rush for it when you've lost a current shield. Such chaining events could be very advantageous for certain tight spots.

You can view my latest commit here - https://bitbucket.org/xixs/gamecakejam/commits/e53e810a6120476b09896b71290d56adc709f947

Unless I have forgotten what I did, new changes are as follows:

  • Added new enemy - Seeker.
  • Added new powerup - Smartbomb.
  • Fixed table deletion bug.
  • Organised all seperate gfx into proper sprite tables.
  • Added juggling powerup feature.
  • Powerup now also doubles as 1up (one extra life or a shield, depending on how you view it).
  • Tighten the wrap when enemies fall off the screen so there is no more waiting.

Seeker image So we have this new enemy - the Seeker. It, well, seeks you by divebombing towards the hero ship, pauses and then literally lunges towards the direction of the hero ship. I find the best way to avoid the Seeker is to either shoot it down before it reaches too close or just avoid it completely when it gets too close. It's still a little bugger either way.

Smartbomb image The new powerup is a Smartbomb; a very useful but temporary ally. I guess this is more of a relieve button for times when the screen fills up with too many creeps, especially so when you have 3 on the screen thanks to your awesome juggle-fu.

From a few plays, I find the best scenario is to have a powerup equipped whilst juggling a Smartbomb and possibly another powerup as a backup. Of course this all depends on the powerups that Vader leaves behind.