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I'm currently working on 3 games at the same time along with promotional materials which we've not done before for any of our games. This month is definitely crunch time for the both of us; my mind is racing constantly and I feel like I'm about to explode from lack of time! In any case, if you are reading this and paying attention to stuff we're doing, I should be posting here rather regularly as I have already done recently.

Here is a peek at a splash page of a game we're releasing on the Google Play store. It's a work in progress but close to what I had in mind.

It was meant to be a game for the #1GAM challenge but I think it's a tad too late for that so we will be doing this at our own pace. Unlike our previous games, this one will be a pay-to-download. There should also be a video about making a game like this using our OpenSource game engine, GameCake on the Youtubes sometime soon.